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JNode Web design agency

Do you need a
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We are a small project with the goal of providing nonprofits and small organizations with high-quality websites.


We focus on offering the best web design

Below we have provided a list of services we specialize in, if the service you are looking for is not listed or you need something completely custom don’t hesitate to contract us.

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You provide us with a vision and we'll take care of the rest

We will take care of the design process as well as everything IT related: Hosting, DNS, DDoS protection and security.


We like to use Cloudflare DNS for its fast propagation times and the CDN it provides.

Web design

Since we like time efficiency we prefer to use tools like WordPress to make managing your websites easier. This also allows you to publish your blogs easily.

DDoS protection

We already use Cloudflare for DNS, which also provides free DDoS protection. This means your site remains accessible even when under attack.

Hosting - Cloud

Finding the right server is important, as this can make the biggest difference in your loading times. We can either provide you with our own hosting or find a reliable cloud solution.

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Every solution we provide comes with:

And one of our favourites combined solutions.  


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Here you will find every major peace of news we put out. To see even more follow us on social media.

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